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Here are some common questions about CrossFit


How do you I started?

The process couldn’t be easier.

First, get in touch with us and schedule a free trial.  Call, email, or just pop in.

Second, come in, give it your all, and have the workout of your life!

Third, sign up and become one of the family!

I heard CrossFit is really hard, can I do it?

Anybody can do CrossFit.  We have seen all ages and abilities be successfuly in achieving all their goals.  We will find ways to get people moving and getting  more fit and healthy regardless of the challenges ahead of them.

What if the weight is too heavy and I can't do some of the movements?

Not a problem.  This is where our world class coaching comes into action.  They will take the time to make sure all athletes learn to execute all movements safely and correctly.  Often times this means that these exercises will be modified or scaled to an appropriate level where the athlete can execute the movement safely, yet still get a good work out.

Im a woman, will CrossFit make me bulky?

This is a misconception that weighlifting will give woman large shoulders and arms.  You will become more lean,  melt the fat off, but still look feminine.

How much is it?

CrossFit Berlin membership rates are simple with no contractual obligations:

Unlimited: $169 + tax

3x Per Week: $125 + tax

*We also offer membership discounts for all Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders.

All prices allow you to join any regular class “Workout of the Day” following the completion of your free trial and fundamentals program.  We are opens 6 days a week where a coach runs the class, motivating you, fixing form, and making sure you are getting the most out of class.

CF Jargon

What does WOD mean?

“Workout of the Day”

This is the workout that the Head Coach programs for all classes.  It is often interchangeably:

“Did you do today’s WOD?”

“We are going to WOD now.”

What does RX mean?

Shorthand for “Prescribed” workout.  In other words you did the workout of the day as outlined by the head coach for the day without any change in weight or movement modification.

The idea behind the RX workouts is to elicit a metabolic response through high intensity exercise.  If you choose a weight that is too heavy, or a skill that you are not ready for, you will be resting for longer periods and not achieving the desired metobolic conditioning.

What does AMRAP mean?

“As Many Rounds and/or Reps as Possible”.  The workout has a set time where you repeat a list of exercises over and over until time is up, keeping track of how many times you cycled through each set.

What does 3 RFT?

“3 Rounds for Time”.  This is a task specific workout where you have a set amount of exercises and movements trying to complete them as fast as you can.  Workouts can range from 3 rounds for time, up to 10.

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